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Refinancing your mortgage may be a smart move, but it's not much of a tax loophole.. You can deduct some of your other closing costs, but only if you itemize.

Remember, if you are doing a refinance for cash, the mortgage debt that you take out is only tax deductible if you are improving the home in a significant way. So, if you use those funds to pay off credit card debt, you cannot tax deduct it. Funds that you pull out of your home for a cash-out refinance are not tax deductible, but, you still can.

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2018 Changes to mortgage interest income tax deduction. If you refinance your mortgage after the new law is in place, then the mortgage refinance loan will .

If you think you may qualify for a better rate down the road, you can refinance your student loan with a different. It can.

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Before you consider refinancing your mortgage, it's smart to familiarize yourself with the tricky tax rules on what is or is not deductible when it comes to interest.

Should I Get a Home Equity Loan or a Cash-Out Refinance to Buy a New Property? [#AskBP 078] If you haven’t thought about your taxes since April last year here are four deductions that you could easily miss because of. but if you took advantage of low interest rates to refinance your.

Deducting Re-fi Points. When you refinance, your deduction isn’t nearly as generous as when you purchase a home. Instead of deducting the full cost of points in the year you refinanced, you must amortize the cost of the points over the life of the loan, and claim a proportionate amount each year.

A tax deduction, meanwhile, allows a portion of your income to. out on lower student loan interest rates because they.

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In addition to giving you the money you need to buy your house, mortgages have another key benefit — they generate valuable tax deductions from the interest that you pay on them. The deduction saves.

You can only deduct closing costs for a mortgage refinance if the costs are considered mortgage interest or real estate taxes. You closing costs are not tax deductible if they are fees for services, like title insurance and appraisals.