Below is a summary of the new Texas Rising star certification criteria. detailed information regarding each category can be found in Section 2 of these certification guidelines. based on the recommendations of the TRS workgroup, the 2015 TRS guidelines establish: "met" or "not met" measures required at the 2-star level; and

Staffing Ratios. Is there a law regarding how many patients (nurse: patient ratio) a nurse can be assigned to care for in Texas? The Texas Board of Nursing (Board or BON) has no authority over staffing ratios, a workplace/employment matter; however, the Board does have applicable regulations that relate to a nurse’s duty to patients.

The Texas Ratio is one measure that might offer a clue. The ratio was developed by RBC Capital Markets analyst Gerard Cassidy in the 1980’s to forecast which banks could fail during the 1980’s real estate bubble.deja vu, anyone? The ratio is devised by comparing a bank’s troubled loans to its capital.

Fha Non Traditional Credit If there is a borrower on the loan without a credit score who cannot document a nontraditional credit profile (because the borrower has no nontraditional credit sources), the transaction is still eligible, provided no more than 30% of the qualifying income for the mortgage loan comes from that borrower.

2 z Child Care Regulations in Texas Family child care homes: full- or part-time care in the provider’s residence for up to 12 children from birth through 13 years old, including the provider’s own children Types of care that must be registered Registration is a form of regulatory activity that typically emphasizes self-

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Texas Ratio Texas Ratio Definition: All nonperforming assets (adjusted for all Guarantees) divided by Tangible Equity + Loan Loss Reserves.

Texas establishes ratio standards based on the specified age of the children in the group (classroom), which ranges from infancy to age 13. Given a specified age group, Texas sets a maximum number of children that one caregiver may supervise. If the number of children in the group exceeds that maximum, the ratio standard has been violated.

How To Qualify For A Conventional Loan Know the income requirements to qualify for a mortgage. Mortgage lenders look for two main things when reviewing loan applications: borrowers’ willingness to pay back the loan (typically determined by their credit score) and their ability to pay it back. The latter is gauged by proof of income. Even if you have impeccable credit,

Nurse to patient ratios have been in debate for a very long time. To date one state has a law in place mandating nurse staffing ratios. This article examines the nurse staffing ratio debate with thought leaders in the field weighing in with their thoughts and prognosis. This is a hot topic now and one that requires close attention as it has and will continue to have significant impact on the U.